About Us

Heart & Heirloom started as a hobby of creating mementos for family and friends and grew into a business with a vision of capturing special moments in life and preserving them into beautiful jewelry keepsakes. Currently all products are created out of Tana's home just outside the Windy City of Chicago, IL. It is an eventual goal for us to move to a location outside of the home, but for now all of our pieces are created once our little ones are tucked in and asleep for the night.
All of the products in our store are handmade. This means that all of our jewelry is unique, like you. While our gallery contains many examples of shimmers and sparkles, please keep in mind that because each item is hand crafted that no single item can be exactly replicated. This is a very special quality of handmade items. Our jewelry, like all handmade items, may also contain small imperfections such as a tiny air bubble. The tiny air bubble may be an imperfection, but it will add sparkle in the sunshine. And isn't it the tiny imperfections that make life so beautifully perfect sometimes?
My Name is Tana and I create the stones for your custom jewelry. I have been a nurse for 9 years and have always felt honored to be a part of a person's life during some of their most vulnerable times. I have held women's hands as they have brought new life into this world, and have embraced others as they've lost loved ones. Witnessing these events inspired me to create jewelry keepsakes to commemorate the journey of life. Whether you're preserving precious materials of your children, or ashes from a loss in your life, I am here to help make this a memorable experience for you. Please contact us with any concerns.