Color Guide

Shimmer Options

Shimmers are a great way to incorporate color into a piece and will overall alter the color. 

Breast Milk: Shimmers will completely change the color of breast milk. 

Ashes (& Sand): Ashes vary greatly in how they are affected by shimmers. Ashes themselves vary in color (white, grey, brown, black). Ashes also vary in texture with some being ground more finely and others being ground more coarse. These factors along with many will affect how "bold" of a color shimmer adds. Ashes that are primarily white will show the color more bold, while darker ashes will have more of a hue of color when light hits them. 

Flowers/Umbilical/Lock of hair/fur: Shimmers will change the color of the keepsake stone with these materials


Sparkle Options



The following recommendations have been found to be the most recommended by previous customers

CLEAR IRIDESCENT SPARKLES: These sparkles reflect all colors of light and work well in all inclusion types. When added to breast milk they create an opal-like appearance

TWINKLE: These sparkles are a foil-type sparkle and work well in all inclusion types except for breast milk. These sparkles may appear cloudy in breast milk.