FAQ and Care Instructions

We want the process of having your life keepsakes turned into beautiful jewelry as memorable as possible. Please read the information below thoroughly. 

Caring for your Keepsake

We want your keepsake to last like the heirloom it is intended to be, so there are some care instructions that you should be aware of. 

First and foremost, please treat your jewelry like all other precious items... with care. Our keepsake stones are meant to be worn and enjoyed; however, please keep in mind that they are handcrafted. This means that while they are durable, they are not nearly as strong or resistant to wear and tear as diamonds or gemstones. For this reason we strongly encourage that you be selective with how often your keepsake is worn and it is not recommended that they be used for everyday wear. 

The jewelry grade resin is water resistant and durable for wearing (with care), however, we do not recommend showering or swimming with it on. It should also be removed when working or cleaning with chemicals. Avoid steam rooms, saunas, spray tans and hot tubs while wearing the pieces. Additionally, please avoid excessive UV exposure and extremes in temperature change such as leaving it in the car on a hot summer day.

The metal used in our keepsakes can wiped frequently with a cloth to keep clean. Polishing cloths cannot be used on the keepsake stones, but may be used to occasionally polish and shine ring bands and settings. 



If for some reason your keepsake breaks or is damaged we do offer repair options which are assessed on an individual basis. Repairs may include: stone sanding and reglazing, re-glossing of beads and stones, re-soldering of welded pieces, etc. Repair fees are determined on an individual basis. Please contact us if you are need of a repair. 


What is the current wait time and when will I receive my piece?

The wait time for your keepsake begins once your materials are received and checked in on our webpage. Our current wait time and holiday breaks that may affect when you receive your order can be found HERE

*** It is the customers responsibility to ensure materials are sent within a timely manner (i.e. 30 days). If you are unable to send your materials within 30 days please contact us prior to ordering. ***

Where do I send my materials?

You will receive an automated email after checking out that contains our shipping address. We do NOT provide postage for inclusions to be mailed to H&H. Shipping inclusions is the responsibility of the customer.

Do you offer repairs?

If for some reason your keepsake breaks or is damaged we do offer repair options which are assessed on an individual basis. Repairs may include: stone sanding and reglazing, re-glossing of beads and stones, re-soldering of welded pieces, etc. Repair fees are determined on an individual basis. Please contact us if you are need of a repair. 

Can I change my order once it is placed?

Unfortunately we cannot change orders once they are placed. This is to avoid any confusion and error in creating your keepsake.

How much hair do I need to send if I chose a piece with a lock of hair/fur?

We will always send any unused hair back with your final piece. Typical samples will need to be about an inch to inch and a half long, thickness may vary based on what you would like to see if your piece. If you have very little hair, please email us with a picture so we may see if your sample is something we can work with. 

Will my jewelry be perfectly round or have air bubbles?

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted (with love of course!). But that means there may be subtle differences from one piece to the next. These subtle differences make each piece unique. There will never be air bubbles large enough to impair the integrity of the piece, but yes, there may be small bubbles. You may also notice other small imperfections, such as a line from a mold, etc. If you desire the perfection offered from machine produced pieces, our jewelry may not be for you. We understand that your materials are precious to you, and we would love to craft for you with the love & respect that they deserve. But if you're struggling with the decision about sending your materials for the production of a handmade item, now may not be the right time for you. And that's okay.

How do I ship my items to you? 

Please see shipping instructions HERE

Customs and Taxes
Please note that all international customers are responsible for customs/duties/taxes in their own country. If you are concerned about the customs/duties fee please contact your local postal service to determine what the costs might be and please know that Heart & Heirloom must declare the correct value by law. Heart & Heirloom does not accept responsibility for customs fees/taxes/duties and each country has their own laws regarding this.

I received my shipping confirmation email but my tracking number is not tracking. Why could this be? 

Many times we are shipping orders out in large batches. You will many times receive your shipping confirmation email a few days before it leaves our studio. During these few days we polishing and packaging your keepsake. If a week has gone by since you received the email, please contact us.

Does it matter if my BREASTMILK is fresh or de-thawed? 

It does NOT matter if milk is fresh or has been frozen. Please make sure that if you're sending milk that has been frozen you thaw it prior to shipping. Breast milk must be packaged for mailing at room temperature. Breastmilk that has spoiled is still ok for jewelry creation. Please see shipping instructions for details on how to properly package your milk. 

How much milk will I need to send? 

Each item listing should state at the bottom the amount needed for the piece. Please only ship this amount. Sending more may cause the bags to leak. In general, 1-3 pieces can be made from 0.5 ounce.

How much ASHES need to be sent? 

One teaspoon of ashes is needed for most keepsake pieces. If you are ordering multiple pieces please send NO MORE than one Tablespoon of ashes. Excessive weight can not be accommodated when sending finished Keepsakes home. 

Can you make custom pieces?

Yes. We would be honored to work with you to create your custom keepsake. Custom pieces require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will compensate for time communicating, drawing, designing, etc. This deposit will go towards the final price of your piece. Custom pieces start at $750.

I have an urgent question. What is the best way to get it answered? 

Email. We check emails daily and try to respond in a timely manner.


What do you do with left over material? 

Breast milk will be disposed of. All other materials can be returned if not completely used. Ashes in excess of 3oz in weight will not be shipped back with your finished keepsake (please see above for proper amount to send). Please include a note in your shipment if you wish to have any leftover material returned.

Why does it take so long? 

The process of designing jewelry takes time. All pieces are hand made by Tana or Jessica. The materials used take days to set and dry, and time to polish and perfect. We want your piece to be perfect, so please be patient!

Do you accept returns or order cancellations? 

No. Because of the nature of the item, we do not offer returns. Please keep in mind that these are custom pieces and we want them to be special! We will take great care of your materials and make our best effort to return to you a beautiful keepsake you will cherish throughout your lifetime. We also create many settings from scratch and order materials based on the amount of orders we are receiving. Therefor once your order is placed we have already begun production on it before it even arrives and cannot cancel it. If you do receive your piece and are unhappy with it for a reason that is a result of its production (not including normal minor variations and imperfections that occur in handmade items) we are willing to work with you to possibly remake the item. This will be determined case by case, please contact us. 

How do I dry my umbilical stump or placenta?

Place the umbilical stump or a thin slice (approximately 2cm x 2cm) of placenta on baking paper and place in the oven. Bake on low or ultra-low for approximately 5 hours or until it feels like it could snap in half. Let it cool overnight. If you own a dehydrator, that could also be used. If the umbilical stump is already dry from previously falling off - that's perfect, its already ready to send!


What if my question isn’t answered here? 

Please email us! We look forward to working with you! Email us at Heartandheirloom@gmail.com