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Belle Twist Pendant
Belle Twist Pendant

Belle Twist Pendant

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Designed by Precious Lace Jewelry, Your precious keepsake stone is held front and center in this classic twist design. Available in sterling silver and solid gold options. The stone measures 8cm round. 

**Chain Not Included**

Sparkle & Shimmer Choices

  • View sparkle & shimmer options HERE
  • Not all sparkles and shimmers are recommended for all inclusion types. We do not recommend sparkles in breast milk. We only recommend foil sparkles for dark materials such as ashes and placenta. We will create your piece with any shimmer or sparkles you choose, but to see our favorites and recommendations, visit our Sparkle & Shimmer page by clicking the link above. 

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Handmade: You’re purchasing a 100% handmade item. Each piece is individually crafterd from start to finish, therefore no piece can be exactly replicated and no two pieces are exactly alike. Handmade also means that there may be small visible differences between pieces, such as a tiny air bubble or visible seam from a mold. While we work very hard to make sure each piece is perfect, some small imperfections cannot be avoided. These small differences give your piece unique character and will never compromise the integrity of the piece.